Grade 3/4

3B - Miss Liz Boyack
3H - Miss Tracy Hecker

4J - Miss Kylie Jeffs (Unit Leader)

4T - Mrs Kerry Trawn


3/4 Unit Mid Term Update




What a busy term we have had in the grade 3/4 unit to start off 2017. Students returned to school eager to see their friends and set up their grades learning communities. Students enjoyed being able to have their individual voices heard when making decisions about classroom rules and routines that they would be following in the classroom. This hard work was celebrated by using our new teamwork skills at our ‘Team Work Challenge’ open morning.


Students are all now participating in their Split Maths groups on a daily basis. We have all settled into a good routine and a lot of targeted teaching and learning is occurring. Recently we have enjoyed the topics of Place Value, Counting, Money, Fractions and Measurement.


In reading, students across the unit have focused on monitoring their own comprehension, to ensure that they have understood what they have read. Teachers are currently preparing units of work on activating and using our prior knowledge, to build on our comprehension skills.


Mappen has set us up for an engaging inquiry unit, with all students currently learning about Australia’s Indigenous heritage. Later in the term, students will be supported to create and investigate their own questions about this topic. In term 2, we will have a Sustainability focus, with an excursion. Information about this will be sent home to all 3/4 unit families before the end of the term – stay tuned!


Thank you to those parents who have completed the training, obtained their Working With Children Check and are now working in the classroom. Unfortunately, we still have classes without parent support, so if you can spare some time at any time during the day throughout the week, please come in and see your child’s classroom teacher and we can organise for you to assist.


Homework has now begun, and students should all be completing 20 minutes per weeknight. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us – we are always happy to help where we can.


Enjoy the rest of the term and have a great Easter break!


3/4 Team


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Kerry Trawn –


Liz Boyack –


Tracy Hecker –

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