At Kilmore Primary School, we:

  • Follow the Victorian Curriculum, consisting of the strands Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability. For information regarding specific content descriptions, please click here.
  • Incorporate the four proficiencies (Fluency, Understanding, Problem Solving and Reasoning) included in the curriculum into mathematics lessons. For more information about the proficiencies, please click here.
  • Use a range of assessment tasks in order to identify student prior knowledge, growth and future goals. Assessments include pre tests, Number Fluency Assessment interview, Early Years Numeracy interview, On Demand Testing, exit slips and teacher anecdotal records.
  • Have a maths class every day for an hour. Students complete 300 minutes of numeracy each week.
  • Follow the ‘KPS Instructional Model’, based on the Hume Region’s placemat. Click here for more details.
  • Plan collaboratively in unit teams each week during timetabled planning sessions
  • Have fully stocked maths resource trolleys in all classrooms as we believe students need to use concrete materials to explore concepts and develop understandings
  • Reflect on our numeracy program and continually strive for it to achieve the best outcomes for our students
  • Value student voice and conduct student forums to gather information about our numeracy program from a student’s perspective
  • Conduct parent forums on mathematical topics of interest
  • Participate in mathematical events and activities outside school, including the Mathematical Association of Victoria’s state-wide ‘Games Day’ and Australian Council for Research’s online certificate challenges