Visual Art

The art program at Kilmore Primary aims to provide a stimulating artistic environment. One where students are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of materials and techniques to develop the knowledge and language which enables them to express themselves creatively.


Every student is encouraged to explore their imagination through both, two dimensional, and three dimensional artworks, ranging from drawing, painting and collage to tie-dye, graffiti art and ceramics. It is our goal to support students to take creative risks with their art-making while building a deeper understanding of the importance of visual literacy.




The Kilmore Primary School Art Room is always looking for supplies to help create and inspire students to further their Art Education, and teach them about recycling.


If you come across anything that could be used by the students to create wonderful works of Art/Craft could you please contact the Art Teachers Mrs Fiona Dixon and Mrs Andrea Lewis at the school on 5782 1268 or pop in to the Art Room.

Here are some ideas…

Egg Cartons, Cardboard cylinders, Cardboard Boxes any size, Paper, Cards from any occasion

Wooden Dowel, wooden shapes.

Wire any sort

Beads and Buttons, Material, sewing threads, needles etc.

Wool, string, elastic bands

Scratched DVD’s CD’s

Packing noodles

Take away containers with lids

Bike wheels

Broken plate, tiles etc. for mosaics

Recycling is fun for everyone. We can make lots of different works of Art, with all sorts of things, and make a difference to the environment.


Thank you for your on going support.




Andrea Lewis and Juanita Witt